Thursday, February 28, 2008

Break over

So, this is the longest break I have taken from blogging.

And what did I do?

I visited a country, and cried in my heart for people whom I had never known. The KGB museum in Vilnius was hurtful. It was housed in an old prison, and had the prison cells, torture chambers and execution areas underground.

I do not want to try and describe my feelings that day - they cant be.

But still, I think they do deserve a moment of my life, a drop of my tear. This is to remember them, what they dreamt of, and of their children vowing not to forget.

I think I finally got over my granny's death. I traced back the same route I took, when grief numbed, I travel halfway home from office on a chilly December night before realizing that I left my home keys in office.

I went back there, and came back with the keys, and remembered that I left my laptop and my bag back in office - my big bag with all my money and means of money.

I crossed over the bridge, not knowing where I was walking. I was in limbo.

Some weeks later, I walked the same path; in daylight, enjoying the beauty.

So here I am. This is me. And I am typing the first lines of a Bryan Adams song, which means I have to sleep. Now.

But now that I am here, I promise to talk more to you, to keep you posted on life, and the crazy stories that come with the territory.