Sunday, June 29, 2008

Laugh laugh laugh

After removing a drunken post from my other blog - nope, you dont know where it is. And if you ask nicely, you may get it. Actually, mostly you wont unless our only connection is via the blogs - and where were we?

Yup; after removing a drunken post from my blog - oh, c'mmon extended family and old friends, stop being so shocked - i was depressed. Then I ended up in this blog, where the author had posted a hilarious video.

That really did not tickle my funny bone, so I googled a few of my favorites and sent them to him. And at the end of all the watching, I was laughing. Again. Awesome!

What is a better tag than one where you ask readers to post five videos that crack you up anytime you see them?

These are mine:

5. The younger brother of Ticktickticktick... :)

4. Jolene, Jolene, Jolen Joleeeene.....

3. Eeeeeeeeeeef you come todaaaaaaay....

2.Shut your F.... :)

1. Welllllllllllll......

Thats me. Always a sucker for bathroom humor. Its a good thing I dont have any kids with this sense of humor. What good mom will laugh at these?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Love's Labor Salvaged

There is an episode of HIMYM where Ted realizes that Robin's dogs were all gifts from her ex boyfriends.

So gals; and guys; let us look at the happy stuff : Yeah they were idiots to leave us/ nor reciprocate our crushes ( includes the preschool ones too) . Yeah they lead boring or unhappy lives now. Yeah, we will have our days of glory and will have our happily ever after.

So, being not bitter and being fabulous and magnanimous and all, lets take a look at the good things that we got and cool habits that we picked up. Five of them the max. Btw, saying "I learned how to identify an a$$h¤l£ doesnt count. Lets be positive here!

Here is my list:

1. American Dad: I was way away from home, and I met this cute guy who absolutely loved American Dad. But despite being introduced to the Smith family, we broke up.

2. A coffee mug: I stole it from one of my major crushes. Stole as in; took it and told him I was going to keep it.

3. Trekking: I realized I have the stamina to trek all day when we went trekking in Chirapunji. He was the trek organizer.

4. Books: From the coffee mug guy and the trek guy. Again, stole them; and explicitly told them that they are not getting them back. Aaah... the good times... ( wrt free books, not wrt lousy emotional choices)

Yup. Thats about it.

So... whoever reads the blog, do compose your list, and let me know by dropping a comment here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Tagged by Usha... feel free to think about this...

Caveat: I will not mention about - well, if you know it; i dont have to say it here; if you dont, you dont have to know it.

I am:

I think: mostly logically; and allow impulse to take over the reins once in a while...

I know: things aint that important... :) well, except for a few things anyway...

I want: to soak up the sun in a cotton dress, which doesnt seem to happen in Finland :(

I have: great friends

I wish: for a bunch of roses with heady fragrance.... cant pick them from the parks here... and the ones in flowershops doesnt smell... :(

I hate: people taking me for granted

I miss: monsoon and mallu food...

I fear: falling from great heights. Most of my nightmares are around that.

I feel: peaceful

I hear: wind

I smell: hot tea and my basil plant

I crave: for hot tapioca with grounded green chilli & small onions, with a bit of oil n mustard powder

I search: at the drop of a hat

I wonder: how it would be in California ( well, will mention it just once!)

I regret: wasting my time on duffers.

Though I wouldn't really like to acknowledge it, and convince myself that I shouldn't really regret.. For all those actions shaped me into this person that I am proud of. ( copied this from Usha)

I love: good blogs, dogs and kitties, humor ans sarcasm where it is deserved.

I ache: naah, im good.

I care: more than I show.

I am not: perfect.

I believe: I believe. Period.

I dance: when Im comfortable with my surroundings.

I sing: when Im happy.

I cry: when I feel frustrated.

I don’t always: act the same way.

I fight: for my loved ones.

I write: when I feel like it.

I win: Signed out of the win-lose games long ago.

I lose: See above.

I never: believe in absolutes.

I always: see above.

I confuse: a lot of things.

I listen: a lot of things.

I can usually be found:at work or at home; when Im not at other places.

I am scared: of losing my chances and living to regret it.

I need: faith - in myself, in you, in the world.

I am happy about: the fact that I can be happy, and my happiness depends on me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tagging time!

There is no better time to blog than when you are sick. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, I hope I can sleep off the sickness by then. Else it is going to be a hell of a day which is going to end in an office dinner. Not going is not an option. There is an inhouse doctor, and chances are I hve better chances of survival if I collapse in the office than if I stay at home. Our company have a emergency helpline number to call in case of personal need, but who is going to dial the number when I am sick? My plants?

So, here we go with the tags. as MacD said, I am the source of all things taggy.

Share with us five things which made you feel special very recently. End each incident with 'I felt special'.

And here I go:
5. Today when I was walking, a labrador came upto me to be petted. This when both her owners were with her. I felt special.

4. I got a spontaneous 'thank you' from a colleague who is way more senior wrt age, position and experience. In public. In front of my manager. And said that it was the opinion of the whole team. I am the junior most member there. I felt special.

3. My girls from engineering talked to me today. Via Gtalk. Via Gmail. I felt special.

2. Last friday, someone whom I have just recently known got me couple of pictures of something I wanted to see. I was not expecting it. I felt special.

1. One the bus, a handsome dude of five years was staring at me. When I smiled at him, he blushed and smiled back. I felt special :-)

And then I had to fall sick... :(

And I tag:


and the rest of you who feel like bragging a bit on how special you feel, join in! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Movies; Moments

R for a Racer called Speed

Psychedelic fantasy; pure escape for the length of the movie. The races were awesome, I should get the videogame version for my cousins next time I go home. Didn't like Xtina Ricci though. She acted as if she knew it was a comic adaptation. Susan Sandron didn't. And absolutely loved Matthew Fox with hair on his head. He looked way hotter then in Lost.

C for City with the Sex:

A long winded avatar of a favorite serial; some breasts and a penis on screen; the largest collection of women I have ever seen in this city. Was it just me or did they all look and sound a bit paler? Why did Carrie have to marry Mr. Big? And what with all the war references? Took a bullet? Is she delusional? ( the character, not the actress.)

H for Hulk, that Incredible guy:

My heart breaks into pieces when I call this one boring trip. I was playing Sudoku on my E90 half the time. How come I didnt like a movie with Edward Norton and have comic book heroes - two parameters which make me love movies? Because here they wanted to be artsy, and comic booky. The focus was on Ed Norton, and not on Hulk. And the movie was dragging for a comic book adaptation and jerky for a story about a man's struggle for freedom. It reminded me of a moral science text book that I had to learn by rot when I was a kid. The only redeeming moment was Tony Stark, and Ed Norton's blue, blue eyes.

F for Forbidden Kingdom

I used to read the Monkey series of Chinese mythology as a kid. My favorite place was up the staircase, away from the bustle of home, looking up at the mezzanine, whose window ledge lined with money plants were my sanctuary. I still can take myself there by closing my eyes. And I can also see the illustrations on the book, the Monkey King resplendent in flowing robes, the Jade Warlord nothing more than a snarling entity.The movie tackified him - and I need to buy that Monkey King series now for my library, as an atonement for watching this C grade kung fu movie and actually laughing at it.

K for Kung Fu Panda

Funny the first time, bit boring the second. Flashes of brilliance in some scenes; why didnt they adopt the Samurai Jack style of animation? Kung Fu Hustle has nothing to fear from this one as my favorite kungmedy movie.

There is magik in the world

I am going to say this only once. I dont want to say more than what I want to. Someday you might get to hear the whole story, with a bit of luck. May be you wont. But this is not about how the story ends. This is about what the story proves.

Miracles exist. Magik exist. And if you wait your turn, while not too worried about whats going to happen, and really and truly let go and enjoy the here and now, and did not compromise by taking up what you know you wont enjoy just to have something; it will come knocking on to your door, without notice, without hurry or delay. And it will be exactly what you want and need, and what you then decided was too good to exist and forgot with a regretful shrug.

And when it does, the only thing to be done is to go with the flow, and murmur a prayer in thanks to whoever delivered it.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Excuses & Book Binge

It has been almost a month since I blogged.

But hey, I have a good excuse. When your landlady ( thankfully 'ex'ed now ) turns out to be the wicked witch of west, blogging takes a back seat while nervous breakdown and murdorus impulses vie for attention.

Ah, well. Comin gback to book binge.

Here is my list:

Agatha Christie ( All hail the Empress!)
  • Evil Under the Sun
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • Mystery of the Blue Train
  • Poirot's early cases
  • Murder in the Mews
  • Five Little Pigs
  • The Moving Finger
  • A Caribbean Mystery
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  • They do it with Mirrors
Neil Gaiman ( All hail the Emperor!)
  • Good Omens
  • Sandman:The Kindly Ones
Ruth Rendell ( Say Hi to the barmaid )
  • Some Lie, Some Die - meh; dont bother
Matt Ridley ( All hail the Magician)
  • The Red Queen - its non fiction, and very interesting
Dorothy L Sayers ( All hail the crown Princess!)
  • Unnatural Death - I became obsessed about Dorothy L Sayers after reading this. Need I say more?
  • Murder Must Advertise
Moni Mohsin ( All stone the traitor)
  • The end of Innocence -I wanted to kick the editor for allowing the publication of this book. I am still recovering from reading it.
Re-read: All things bright & beautiful : James Herriot

Now reading: The Complete Robot : Issac Asimov