Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sorry is a difficult word to spell

I apologize a lot.

Actually, I find it easier to apologize than most people. I also tend to own up when I am wrong, and have no problems in admitting the other person was right.

Most of the times, anyway.

It is comparatively easy in work place. The right and logical thing to do is clear and visible. However when it comes to the hours when Outlook is shut down, things are not always that clear cut.

So, after a quarter year or so, I sent out a long pending apology letter. It was not very long, I cant say that it was very well written. The egoist that I am, I tucked the apology away after a PS and between too many smileys.

But also tucked in between the lines were wishes for that persons happiness, and fond rememberance of the friendship we had. ( Im a biiig sucker for good friends). I hope that we resume our friendship, but do not see that happening from the other end.

But still, I said sorry, and I meant it. And I am happy that I did the right thing, eventhough it was not that easy. ( I have a biiiiig ego too).

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Marriage woes

"I don't want to get married!"

There is resolve in the voice, and petulance too. There is frustration, which emanates from the fact that brother can remain unmarried and there is not even a discussion about it, but they want to get the younger one up and out of the family home. Understandably, the injustice of it all brings hot tears to her eyes.

"Alrighty.. not for the next twenty years." The mother is playing a dangerous game, and she smiles at me to denote that she knows it. I watch it fascinated, wondering how this is going to work out.

"No!!!! Not even after that!" She is very very specific about it, and being old enough to understand that twenty years is not forever, cuts the suggestion down.

We let her simmer in her indignation. Her mom turns to me.

"On the other day, we told her that she can find a nice boy from around here. But no, she wanted to marry someone from our community, and expected her dad to find her one." There is a hint of laughter in her voice. A Christian who has been happily married to a Hindu, she can understand the irony of those earnest but naive declarations much better than I do.

"Waaaa!!!! No!!!!!!" Oops. We had forgotten the fact that the little one can hear, and has a regrettably good command of English.

Waterworks start. She is in agony, you can see that from the scrunched up face and the deep, deep sobs.

"Alright honey.... don't get married... don't get out of home... stay with me and cook and clean for me..." says the mother. May be its me, but then again, there is a slight hint of regret and sarcasm in her voice. Regret that her daughter wont always be this innocent, this huggable ; sarcasm that is waiting for the future when she will be saying " but you never let me go anywhere!"

Did I say that I love them both, the spunky mom and her adorable daughter?