Sunday, October 25, 2009

If I could revist my past...

I would tell this to my 17 year old self, who was very Indian, very mallu.

  1. Stop being so judgmental. Do not judge a person's morality by checking if they smoke, drink alcohol or have been in a physical relationship.While we are at it, relationships are supposed to be physical.

  2. Love at first sight is a lie. Curiosity, attraction, and the feeling of 'I would like some of that' at first sight are all true. Do not confuse them with love.

  3. Even though you look like the ugly duckling now, one day, you will be called beautiful in a regular basis.

  4. Do not think that anyone over 23 is old. You will be older than that day, and feel younger than you were feeling now.

  5. Do not waste your time changing yourself for anyone. Change as change happens to you.

  6. Friends before gents, any time.

  7. Value the honesty of your friends. Have friends who love you enough to be honest with you, not the ones who want to gloss over the truth.

  8. Stand up for yourself. You don't have to make everything better for everyone.

  9. You will never be cool.But you will be well liked and accepted by people who you think are cool.

  10. You will have the satisfaction of obliquely giving the bird to those relatives who piss you off.

If you could time travel back ten years, what are the 10 things that you would tell your younger self?