Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Its always a ritual to pack your bags.

You make that one last stop to your favorite bookshops and stock them up. You go to the ' out of my way arty place' and end up buying 'the cutest arm chair! and its only 350 bucks!!' to ship it all the way to santaland.

You try a round of all your favorite eateries. You gorge on phuchkas. You enjoy the seasonal fruits and have mangoes for breakfast lunch and dinner ( well, almost). Mangoes, the rare fruit in santaland.

You buy the same movie titles which you called horrible not so long back. They dont release them in Santaland.

You realize that Santaland is dictating you, getting into your taste buds and consciousness.You accept it passively, and glide through the rest of your long list.

You try meeting up with friends and colleagues. You feel disgusted with their you-forgot-to-call-me-so-i'm-gonna-stand-you-up antics. Then you remember that this is probably the reason why you are friends with them anyways. But so much to do, and you are so tired to respond to what could be grown into a amazing man v/s woman war. You are more in the walking-away mode, not in the I-will-try-to-win-our-argument or I-will-beg-with-you-till-you-say-yes mode.

You sigh.

You think of the people whom you met for the past couple of days, how you could have become good friends. You think of seniors and juniors and batch mates and colleagues whom you would have liked to know better; but its too late, too futile now.

You feel bad that you may not see some people again. You feel happy that you will never see some people again. You pray to God that you would never get to see some people again.

You book tickets. You arrange for travel and other accommodations. You are assumed to be a man, then a married woman. You sigh again, and correct them each time - no; I am traveling alone. Somewhere along the line, you just give up.


PS:Those who know of some good place near North Goa, please let me know... the more happening, the better!


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

why it sounds like you are not excited at all...

doing for the sake of doing .. or .. because there are no other options!


unjun said...

yes it always is a ritual to pack the bags. not just to santaland... anywhere outside of 'home'land.. it always is.

so ur not there yet, eh...? well, while on my blog, click on the link to my older blog, and feel free to go thru the archives... (provided u have the time). that should do good to jog the ol' memory. all i can say is, u r who i think u r... and who u r, is someone i once linked to my blog before their long sojourn in B-school :)

Manasi Trivedi said...

You feel disgusted with their you-forgot-to-call-me-so-i'm-gonna-stand-you-up antics.
Been there done that
well written!

raven said...

so where did the bitch finally stay?