Wednesday, August 08, 2007


In the next few months to one year, I would like to:

Learn to ski : I haven't even seen snow; but I plan to learn how to ski around...

Take better photographs : Now, my photography is more about instinct. I need to learn the science of taking better pictures, and need to train my eye that the pictures are as striking as they can be.

Learn photo-editing: I need to understand and learn how I can use softwares to make real life look even more realistic. Beautiful, striking, thought provoking - definitely yes; but very much realistic.

Be a better cook: Like photography, I need to apply a certain discipline to my cooking. Being a maverick is all very well; but a lot of cooking is about the familiarity that certain smells, looks and tastes evoke. I need to develop this skill.

Write : I need to put down what is in my mind to paper more often; and preferably in a way so that I can satisfy myself as a reader.

Tech savy: I want to participate and understand about the online world and technology. I would like to make sense out of it, and help others also to do the same. I need to develop my knowledge & skills for the same.

Travel: I want to travel more; and experience the different things that life has to offer.

Any suggestions, ideas, comments - most welcome!


Anonymous said...

the list is nice...
not too many... not too less.
not too easy... not too tough

- Sandeep

usha said...

hey.... i feel like doing dat 'same pinch' thingy again... even i was busy with a similar list.. only mine is still hazy.. um planning to learn one martial art form, one musical instrument, one dance form.. n d deadline i've set for myself is a couple of years.. seems like it'll b an year by d time i zoom in on "which ones" i would b learning!! hehe..

all d best with d execution part of d list!! :)