Friday, September 21, 2007

I often wonder...

What happened to all those kids who created amazing scientific inventions for saving energy and improving rural health back during school science fairs - Did they all suddenly turn moronic?

What about the person who wanted to be the Prime Minister of India ( when she was in college ) is doing about it? She got married ( no; not into the Gandhi family ) and no guys; she was dead serious when she said this and was quoted in a local news paper.

What happed to the classmate from engineering who was a staunch communist who wanted to give back to the community? He is now a glorified bean counter - oops, software programmer - for an Indian company in US of A, and proudly puts up the picture of his car, home and other thingamajigs in his Orkut page. I am just wondering about the going back home part though; especially as back in the good ol' days, this guy could force me into guilt trips for reading English literature instead of only Malayalam ones.

Change happened, you would say. No need for me to get all bitchy about that!

I agree. And that is precisely why I smirk inwardly when someone tells me that they never will do / think / say something or act in a particular way. If you are below thirty and make this statement, I would rather let your future actions prove you right ( than any amount of impassioned speeches).

Those of age 30 and above are exempt as I think they might have had enough life experiences to not get swayed by anything new that may happen in their life. An alternate line of thought is that if you are not grown up by 30, then its time for the rest of the world to give up hope for your mental development.

Celebrities like Hollywood Party girls, Gossipy Bloggers who think satire is doing bad MSPaint jobs on other people's pictures, Bollywood tartlets who think Marlon Brando & Al Pachino look upto them, Dynasty Politicians etc. are not included n either of these categories as they are yet to raise to the challenge of aspiring to reach the mental level of a mentally challenged person.

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Its Al Pacino.