Sunday, May 31, 2009

Five Things I love about Finland...

Is a quiz on Facebook. Rather than clicking on images and posting it to my profile, I thought it would be better to write them down.

How do I love Finland? Let me count the ways... ( up to five .)

#5. Public transport. This is one of the most amazing public transport networks that I have ever seen. ( Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen also have very impressive transportation networks.) The buses, trams and trains are on time to a fault. And they are plenty, at least in Helsinki.

#4. Nature. I love the way Finns take care of nature. I love the micro gardens which peep over the balconies of apartments. I love the fact that they do not dump ice into the sea, but have separate areas for doing that.

#3. Work-life balance. I love it that my managers - past & present - trust me enough for me to work from wherever I want to. I love it that they take delight in the fact that I have a life outside of work. I love it that my colleagues - past and present - are well rounded people, people one can look up to and learn from.

#2. Friends. I love it that I have made new friends here. I love it that any given day, they reach out to me in real life or via interwebs. I love it that I have met kind, generous and smart human beings who dance to their own rythms and are cool in their own ways.

#1. Freedom. I love it that I can walk alone in the middle of the night and live alone in by myself in an apartment. I love it that I can go and buy alcohol on my own. I love it that I can go to a club and dance the night away, and the fact that men take a No as a No.

I think I found my summer love and he is called Helsinki.


Jennifer said...

Nice. Eager to hear more about your experiences in Finland!

Static Variable said...

Im in Finland too, in Espoo. And yes, every point you have mentioned is true. The Finns are generally relaxed and discplined when it comes to work.And they enjoy summer like anything. I wonder if our own country would ever develop to this level.

Renegade in Retirement said...

Just noticed,
u been gone long time..

Kris Nair said...

#6 Architecture
#7 Rock bands


A.T. said...

you are still at the very beginning :)

Frisco said...

Good stuff - kinda agree with most :)

Frisco said...

Good stuff - the birdy to relatives was the icing on the cake