Monday, July 27, 2009

Shifting bases

I shifted homes recently.

When you pack your bags and move on, and settle down at a new place, it is always good to take stock and see how things have changed, or remained the same.

I loved my old apartment. IT had red hallways, green kitchen and a sleeping alcove. It had a huge bathtub and a large bookshelf. It did not have a television or a dishwasher.

I had spent many cold and rainy days curled up in it's red sofa and working from home, thanks to a liberal employer and home office connection.

I had been woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of my neighbours making love - and read a book or had a midnight snack so that they can finish with the sounds of advice and encouragement so that I can go back to sleep.

I started cooking more often, and had invited friends over and tried my variations of Indian cooking on them. I have had a dog visit me. I have had a kid eat the food I made and ask for seconds. I hope I introduced cool people to each other that will lead to great friendships.

I fell in love many times there. I fell out of time many times too - sometimes crying, sometimes feeling like laughing my ass off and not showing it on my face. I walked into new friendships and walked away from the toxic ones.

I had a library, a great cafe/snack place and a bar/club near by. I had plants nurtured and killed there. I won and gave away a giant stuffed toy dog.

I never had a television, but I read many books. I played games. I opened my window to hear Iron Maiden play their tunes.

And now, moving into another apartment, very different from the last one, but loved all the same, I am all set to make my life here.


Prats said...

best of luck for the new apartment.

fr0z3n said...


usha said...

:) new beginnings!

do well!

Mystic said...

Hope your move went well...
I shifted recently and have posted about the experience here..