Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forgetting is a heinous crime

Don't you know about 9/11?

Of course you do. If you are technologically savvy to read my blog, you have heard about 9/11.

Given that I am an Indian, chances are that, you might be from India.

Do you remember the day of the Mumbai blasts? Which one, you ask me? Good question. What about any of them? And I am assuming that none of your near or dear ones got directly affected by it.


I don't either.

It is funny, isn't it? Almost 3000 people died in 9/11, in a country where most of us will not eventually end up living. Still, We all remember that. How many Indians died in terrorist attacks in India? Let us take the Kashmir insurgency also into account, if you will.

I have no idea. Neither does Google.I however, found this little gem in wikipedia.

Fifteen attacks in the last nine years. Which averages to a minimum of one attack every year. Has the frequency of the attacks numbed us? Is that why we do not care?

Is that why I do not care?

You can always point out that the US Government retaliated with brute force, striking out at someone. We did not. But that is no reason for us to forget our dead.

And I plead guilty of the gravest crime - forgetting the shock, forgetting the dead and the living, those who had the misfortune to be in the right places, at the wrong time.



anoopsankar said...

First I agree we tend to forget our tragedies. I can ask several more dates - when was the Tsunami? When did the Orissa floods take place? Countless others.

But also remember that the reason why 9/11 is never forgotten is because that word gets slapped into our face; whereever you go. The reason? It happened in mighty USA. The world is run by USA; like it or not; their news always gets priority. If India was the sole superpower; then I guess the Mumbai attack dates would be as popular; as commercialized; as misused as 9/11.

Naveen said...

Here's another perspective.
9/11 was a kick at Americas pride, that too with the date synonymous with their helpline number "911"
Thats why we remember 9/11 as the terrorists originally intended.
Another point is all people tend to forget unpleasant things faster(natures defence mechanism)
And hey Mallu, what will u remember more: your big mistake or your neighbor's small mistake?[:}]