Sunday, January 03, 2010

Year in retrospect

I have been working on a side project which was stalled for a while. And working on it everyday, putting in at least hundred words whether you like it or not means that blogging really really takes a back seat.

So, what did I do in 2009? In no particular order, some low/high lights of 2009:

  • Fall in love with Helsinki and declare it home despite the tininess of the city, the freezing cold, the high cost of living and ignorance of the native language
  • Enjoy my job
  • Fall victim to common cold
  • Do not fall victim to H1N1
  • Go to Paris and fall in love with the city
  • Donate at least 12 bag loads of clothes to charity
  • Got for music concerts
  • Watch Cirque De Soleil
  • Celebrate a Finnish Christmas
  • Be honorary god mother to cats
  • Do a tai-chi course
  • Shoot a shotgun, Glock and AK-47
  • Go to Dharamsala
  • Take parents on a weekend vacation
  • Be rude to people who pity me for being single
  • Be friends with a 3 year old even though we do not speak a common language ( unless you count shrieks as a language)
And more importantly, made really great friends this year. Yes, the best thing about 2009 are the friendships that the year brought with it. I would never say no to any part of the year, even the bad parts, as it brought a lot of amazing people into my life. I have been very lucky to have an abundance of friends, far away and near, of many years and relatively new, very young and very young at heart.

Enjoy 2010 everyone, and keep smiling!


Renegade in Retirement said...

I see that u didn't mention running. And AK-47? Guess, nbdy will dare to fire u.

Emmanuel said...

Are you from any IIM?

Surya said...

IIM? No.

Emmanuel said...

but you are an MBA, right?
First I thought you may be a techie in Nokia. So when I saw HR in ur bio, MBA was the only thing came to my mind. asking just out of curiosity.

I'm currently doing MBA at IIM Bangalore. And, yeah it's not for any info abt any openings. I promise I won't ask anything like that :)

Surya said...

yes, an MBA :)

Emmanuel said...

oh! short replies. :) MBA. where from?

Will visit ur blog often if I don't forget. I'm following u on twitter. Hope it's ok.

Cheers! Once, more Happy Birthday! have a blast today! :)