Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten Predictable things about yourself

Meme creation time!

We all think we are unique and unpredictable. However, we are often more predictable than we think we are. I realized it about myself after finding these predictable patterns about myself:

So, I always.....
  1. .... want to stop and pet any dog I meet on the street. I do not always do so.
  2. .... want to stand up and dance with jhatkas and matkas if I hear a bollywood song loud. I often don't.
  3. .... order miso soup if I am in a Japanese restaurant.
  4. ... try and collect the corks of any bottle of wine that I have drunk. I do not always succeed.
  5. .... love to eat mangoes. For me, they represent my culture, my good childhood memories, and sublime poetry.
  6. ...... go for the window seat in any form of transportation. I have given my seat up for those younger than 12 though.
  7. .... read the links in my twitter feed which are about animals. Or written by animals.
  8. .... listen to music on my way to work and back, mostly what you would call world music. And if my phone ran out of power, I listen to music in my head.
  9. ... think in English. Sorry fellow Indians, my main language has been English for a while now.
  10. .... love sugar icing. The Krulla bakery near my home has some amazing sugar candy figurines. Guess who is their best customer?

So what is predictable about you?

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