Sunday, October 24, 2010


We all want to be accepted.

It is just that, we all want to be accepted by different people, for different reasons.

When we grow up, we want to make our family proud of us. This is something that we share with most mammals. The kids in the litter defer to the adults.

What makes humans different is our ability to grow up and develop a want to make us proud of ourselves.

Some of us get it rather early. Some of us reach that stage in our early to late adulthood, even during our twilight years. Some of us completely miss the urge.

We all live our lives out differently as a result. We develop our own tribes and customs to identify and commune with those who think our way is right. In that process, may of us have no problem in turning away from the tribe that we are born into and finding groups where we belong.

And therein lies the essence of all advertising and marketing. It is about making me want to belong to a tribe that I want an admission ticket to. It is also about making stronger bonds within the tribes that I love.

So sell to me - sell to me my identity; sell to me my aspiration - if you will not, I will not buy your product.


Vimal said...

Sad state of affairs. I thought a product was supposed to do its job admirably the way it is expected to. Not provide me with my identity.

Surya said...

There are very few things that we need. There are a lot of options to what we want. Many of our wants get converted to needs, because of our sense to belong.

So, despite something being objectively better than the other on paper, we disregard their functional merits and go after the aesthetic and emotional merits. Case in point : women buying high heels.

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