Sunday, December 31, 2006

New year resolutions:

1. Call / mail/ scrap / chat / talk with one friend a day.
2. Read a few pages of something every day.
3. Write one paragraph on anything every day.
4. Drink lots of water after having lots of non healthy stuff.
5. Not try and run other people's lives. Cain got it right when he said that he is not Abel's keeper ( even though the context was not right)
6. Run away from cribbers, whinnies and negative people. Im not Momma Teresa, and I have a friggin life to enjoy without being bogged down by negativity.
7. Relent above rule for people whom I love, and sometimes for people who love me.
8. Dont love everyone ( ref #7)
9. Stop feeling guilty for small stuff.
10. Keep fit by eating healthy & exercising.
PS: Pls remind me of these if I slacken on them!

1 comment:

lakshmi said...

dee..nice to see you back :)