Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life gyaan ver.2006

1. Friends come and go.

2. Never think that you will not work or be friends with a particular person. They may turn out to be a wonderful friend.

3. It is important to help your friends. It is equally important to stop doing it when it starts pushing you down the drain.

4. If a person constantly puts you down in public, it is okay to talk back. If they don't respect your choices in life, they are not really your friends.

5. Watching movies, shopping, taking a walk - doing all these by yourself never diminishes they joy you get out of these simple activities.

6. Sometimes, time is more precious than money.

7. Never ever imagine that you can change people's fundamental nature.

8. It is okay to say No.

9. Trusting people makes it less stress free at work.

10. Listen to feedback. But then think about it and if found useful, act on it.

11. Nobody is perfect.

12. Respect yourself. Nobody is integral to your life. Yeah it hurts when people come and go, but you cry some, lick your wounds in private and may be with some friends, but then get up and is ready to soar again.

13. It is never too late to go back to a set of people whom you have left behind and make amends, create friendships.

14. Sometimes apologies or explanations are not accepted. Don't brood over them, move on.

15. Know your limits when it comes to spending money, drinking alcohol, cutting down on sleep, going wild.

16. Listen to your conscience. Learn to separate it from the doubting voices in your head.

17. Swearing is good - but only in private, with friends.

18. Dont be afraid to reach out to people if you think they can do with your help.

19. Dont treat kids as kids. Treat them as equals if you really want to know them.

20. Sometimes, its better to sit back and wait for the other person to call/email/sms you.


Nariyal Chutney said...

Wish all my friends were like this :) . Happy New Year , Surya

karthik said...

the 20th point is interesting and reflects my mind.
Happy newyear Zu.

p.s. Not sure whether this comment will appear in the post :D. But still, comments are for author's eyes :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Cool!! If you learned most of these in 2006, it was a year of great learnings for life.

Good to see these points numbered and published! :)

Dude, this really is too much. Venda mone, venda mone...

- Sands.

Vimal said...

#10 rocks :)

ursjina said...

good ones!!!..calvin will also be thinkin d same..;)

Anonymous said...

sandy, your comment did the trick :)

Jina, you meant my boss?

karthik said...


"sandy ur comment did the trick"...??? was it sarcastic ? I didnt get the meaning :))

btw point #19 is excellent as well. my guide in IIT used to stress that :))

Anonymous said...

nopes... he actually asked me why i did comment mod.. whichgave the final nudge for revokin tht beurocratic add-on..:)

no sarcasm my boi.. nd nuthin wrt u or sands or ur mutual comments... :)

Sandeep Sadanandan | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

:) - that all i have to say.