Friday, March 02, 2007

Duffer men never know that...

A woman is fickle with her emotions - yesterday's undying proclamation of love, if not reciprocated, can turn today into tuning out when you drone on...

    It's just a little crush (crush)
    Not like I faint every time we touch
    It's just some little thing (crush)
    Not like everything I do depends on you

    That women do not hate each other as much as you think they do

    That women bond better with each other than men

    That a woman may love you with all her heart, but if you lie to her - well well... "the female of the species is more deadlier than the male..." unless, she choose to ignore or forgive you

    That they love the trill of the chase

    That they chase

    That they can be "frequently kind and suddenly cruel" and they will "carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding"

    That they learn to leave behind feelings like flower petals falling, converting each frown and drooped mouth into a wrinkle of wisdom and power

    That they conjure up curses in the tears you make them shed and send them off to haunt you till the end of the earth

    And then say....

    You bored me with your stories

    I cant belive that I endured you for as long as I did

    Im happy its over, Im only sorry

    That I didnt make the move before you

    And when you go I will remember

    To send a thankyou note to that girl oh that girl

    I never really loved you anyway

    No I didnt love you anyway

    Valentino, I dont think so

    You watching mtv while I lie dreaming in an empty bed

    And come to think of it I was misled

    My flat, my food, my everything

    And thoughts inside my head

    When men act like bitches, women act like witches. They call in their coven, and the curse follows the man across time and space; like a recurring bad dream which would frighten them into insomnia.

    Two-faced daddy dont hand me no doublecross

    Youll see any time Im ready

    I can tell you baby get lost

    Duffer men... they never know...

    Strong inside but you don't know it
    Good little girls they never show it
    When you open up your mouth to speak
    Could you be a little weak

    Do you know what it feels like for a girl
    Do you know what it feels like in this world
    For a girl

    Hair that twirls on finger tips so gently, baby
    Hands that rest on jutting hips repenting

    Hurt that's not supposed to show
    And tears that fall when no one knows
    When you're trying hard to be your best
    Could you be a little less

    Kiddo, we will have our vengeance. Bill will be killed.


    1. This post is for the woman I love the most in the whole wide world. A wuss fooled her for a while, but she is nobody's fool. Amen to her!
    2. The colors are my subconcious drooling over the news that Tarentino is planning a movie - love the flicks, love the man. Bring 'em on!


    Anonymous said...

    this too shall pass ...


    1) I just interpreted ur first sentence.."a woman is fickle with her emotions " :)

    2) and u know y i typed my comment and a disclaimer :)

    AJ said...

    hmm and here I was naively thinking the colors are for holi :) ..educative post..