Monday, October 15, 2007

Bits n pieces

They say that sometimes the rules are to be bent, and one have to follow their own heart.
But when do you know that it's the right time?
May be the trick is to keep walking, let the tension build up, and to take the plunge when you cannot stand it no more.

Yesterday was raining. Yesterday I did not have a proper lunch. Yesterday I was wet and shivering and very close to a nice bout of pneumonia. Yesterday made my legs ache and head pound.
Yesterday was fun. Yesterday we walked around. Yesterday we shared rice cakes and cinnamon buns, with large cups of kahvi. Yesterday I got to know them a bit more better. Yesterday I rediscovered my current city through their eyes.
Often life is a symphony in contradictions.


Anonymous said...

" life is a symphony in contradictions..."

Jus loved that comment

Black is beautiful said...
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