Sunday, October 28, 2007

Since you asked for it....

I cried today, and this was why. Please, please read it and pass it on, if you love them even a little bit.

All little kids, those faint of heart, those easily offended by emotion and rage : please, leave now, you have nothing to see here.

I am f**kin p***ed off today, and this is why ( check the third comment from top).

beautiful post...
or a typical surya post..
I liked that guy...

but then see the following link..

see how many partners does a Finn have and how many an Indian has...

just pointing out that Indian Men are way ahead when it comes to love

Honey, let me tell you a few things. You may not agree with me, that is your prerogative. But this is my blog, and for the rules by which we play here, are mine. All mine.

Indian men, sweets, are not way ahead when it comes to love, especially pointed out by what you have typed here. People who are in love don"t tom-tom the fact, for them it is as natural as breathing. Ever had food prepared by someone whom you loved, and loved you back? ( parents count). When you were eating, did they complain about the hard work in cooking the food? Or were they just happy that you were eating, and eating well?

Phuleeeeze, spare me the juvenile and laughable comparison of counting a person's
love towards another by the number of sex-partners he had in his life.

p.s.: 1) again it is not because most of the Indian men do not get a chance... we get chance but then we stay true and love our gal...

No honey, you don't get the chance. You think you are God's gift to women, but most of you are either scared, spineless, or a combination of both. There are a few who do stay true, but it is not because of any intrinsic Indianity. It depends on the person, and it happens across countries.

Staying true does not mean loving your gal! ( necessary but not sufficient condition).
Staying true may also mean worried about being caught in the act, and the scandal induced melodrama which may be too much for you to take.

And just FYI, many ( thankfully not all ) Indian guys who move abroad / away from
their girl wives will go for a fling... and think that the Indian girls abroad are theirs for the taking. I really don't want to write more about this, as the specific examples crowd into mind and I am slowly being chocked to death by my own puke, which was my body"s way of reacting to their shitty personalities, pudgy bodies and minuscule intellect. Must... not... puke...on... laptop!

You, and your comment, disgust me. I have nothing more to say!

And for those who are wondering what the hell that was all about:

Hey, I was born, and did my formal education, in India. My first friend ever was a guy at the age of two... and we still keep in touch. At the last count, I had more friends from the male category than the female one. Most of them are very serious in their relationships, and I can say with conviction that their girlfriends / wives are a lucky lot. Some of my favourite females have been lucky enough to find their men, with whom they are absolutely in love with, and could not be happier. My single guy friends absolutely rock, and are each awesome in their own quirky ways and I would reccommend them to any pretty ladies reading this blog.

If the guy I would eventually end up with is half as good as these men, I have had it made. And yes, it is composed of 99% Indians.

However, I have also had very bad experiences with the Indian male species. Often I have seen them go spineless and tell women that "sorry dear, cant lead a life with you, you are of a different religion." This after 3-4 years of wasting her life and her making you a priority over every other thing which was important to her. Did it take them that long to figure out her religious beliefs?

But that is not the bad part.

I have been groped, pushed, threatened with violence when I retaliated, pushed to the middle of the road during evening traffic for asserting my dignity, made to be felt like a naked fish in a fish bowl, my private life and friendships under shadow, was propositioned by married men - except for rape ( touch wood!) You name the bad experience, I have experienced it/witnessed it happening to my friends back home.

And that was when we were dressed as per the Taliban line of clothing for young ladies ( except the veil).

All of that compromised on my freedom, the thing which was due to me, from the largest democracy in the world. In the state of social reforms, I could not wear a baggy jeans and a shapeless kurtha without men openly ogling at me and whistling as if I were a sl*t.

At one of our most famous beaches, I could not walk ten meters with one of my
best friends. She had came down to stay with me. We were being leched at and verbally abused by supposedly enlightened members of the society. So much so that my parents asked me and my friend to get back ( oh, BTW, did I mention that my parents were about five feet behind us and still the harassment happened?). I learned to swear enough to make a sailor blush as a retaliatory mechanism. I am not particularly proud of my deadly skill, but it was that or be cowed down.

And this is the life of an average Indian woman. Understand it, by going here. May be not for the ones in the Metros - but nevertheless, it is there.

At least here, I can travel alone at 3am without fearing for my safely. I can go to a drunk man / group of men and ask for directions, and my only worry is that in their drunken state, they may puke on me. Men here had tried to chat me up, but when I show my displeasure, the do move away. I had never put on my axe murderer face ever here ( double touch wood!). This country, which is alien to me, has given me the freedom which was my birthright. The same thing which was taken away from me by the supposedly more loving Indian men who stay true to their gals.

So surprise, surprise!!! When you sing paeans of your gender from my country, I do tend to react a bit.

And now the special lovenotes...

For the author of the comment:

May be, just may be, you are a misinformed little idiot who has been living in the matrix. Well, wakey wakey honey and take the red pill. They world as you knew it, was never there in the first place. Welcome to reality! Your first assignment is to write a 20 page essay each on Kamathipuram and Sonagachi and their main trade, and who supports them. Font 10, Ariel, spacing of 1.0

For those who know me outside the blog world:

Don't tell this to my parents. I don"t want them to pop the red pill at all. There time is over, have mercy, and let them live their misconceptions.

I don't want to talk about it face to face. I like to keep my blog and my life separate. However, I am willing to reply to you via email / blog comments / face book / orkut etc etc.

My dearest friends who happen to be men from India:

" but I never did any of that!!!" sweets, neither did my dad or my uncles... and I know you didn"t... why do you think I am friends ( no, being added to my Orkut/Face book profile does not automatically make you my friend) with you? But most of the men in our country are not like you, which is a pity.

My dearest friends who happen to be women from India who are/may get hitched to men from India:
I am glad you made your choice, and whatever my personal equation with your man, I don"t think any of them qualify for the rants above. This is not about them. Geez woman! Stop being obsessed!

For any hot/cute guys who may get freaked out by the rant:

Five years back, I would have worried that you might have had a bad impression of me because of this and probably would have put up some sort of disclaimer saying that I am not a feminist ( I still am not - and I think it is a sexist term - I fight for humanity). But now, no chance! If you cannot take this, then may be you are not as hot or cute inside as i thought you would be....

And with that, good night, have a great week, and behave!