Thursday, November 29, 2007

Learning Curve

I learned here that I am predisposed to being happy, and will pursue it so.

I learned that I am easily bored, and I need a certain amount of change.

I learned I can multi-task.

I learned I care more about what I am supposed to do than about bowing to people.

I learned I can be a mean bitch. And I know that I am proud of it.

I learned I do not judge people much, but when I start doing so, I invariably judge the ones who love judging.

I learned I want to have fun when I am working, and that I will seek it out if it does not come naturally.

I learned to pick and choose. I learned to explore and discover. I learned to push the limits and trust myself to navigate when the path is not clear.

I learned that, often brand new places feel like home, and just because they allow you to OD on freedom. Me, the freedom junkie.

I learned there is an angel and a devil in me and they quite love each other.

Thank you, oh wise one, for throwing me into the middle of an emotional nowhere. I have learned some.


Pradeep said...

Proud to be a mean bitch ? How come ?

ursjina said...

sometimes dat nomans land is better than the bestest paradise on earth..

and yes...being a bitch saves our ego..:)

Surya said...

Because, I have been called a bitch the most when I put my wellbeing ahead of that of those who never appreciated me or took me for granted.

Because, being a bitch makes me feel good, at the end of the day. I dont have it in me to be an angel 24x7, and I am no saint to live a life for others.


Pradeep said...

>>being a bitch saves our ego..

That is so pathetic :-D