Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 : what it taught me

Its that time of the year when laziness and a start of a new year prompts one to make lists.

Now, these are not exclusively my words of wisdom. They were given to me by different people at different times. Some were said. Some were shown. Some were demonstrated. And all of them worked for me.

So without much ado, lets take a look at life's little lessons, as demonstrated by these moments of clarity and obscured by my interpretation

At work, often the best feedback is spontaneous.

Do not believe in everything you hear. Or see. Always look for the season summary than that one scene shot to know the story.

Believe in yourself.

99.99% of times, when you expect something bad to happen, it wont. Bad things happen when the sun is up and your surroundings resemble a beautiful Disney forest in spring.

No one knows everything. Everyone knows something. The trick is in figuring out who knows what and which of them applies to you.

Just because someone goes on and on and on about something, it does not mean that it is actually true. And often, a persons understanding of self is innately flawed.

You can always walk away from toxic or boring conversations and relationships. You do not owe it to anyone to listen to it all.

All of us will excel in at least one thing in the world. The trick is to find that one position which is the best for you.

It always helps to ask. You don't know everything.

Never expect to do all your work by yourself. And never expect to do only your work and not of others.

Learn to say no.

Just because someone ask you a question, you need not necessarily answer them.

You cannot make everyone happy.


ursjina said...

felis navidad..prospero annuo...:)

Anonymous said...

howdy bro...long time no c

awaiting u'r next (with bated breath)