Thursday, April 24, 2008

A satisfied life

The Sad Truth About Relationships

And thus it laughs at the ordinary families, ordinary lives.

Few questions:

  1. Taken in its entirety, without the depressing voiceover, is that really a bad life?

  2. Why do many of us never get to doing that one great thing which we are very convinced would change the humanity?

  3. Is not doing that necessarily something to be ashamed of?

Many a times, we all root for perfection and excellence. We bow before the great leaders, the strategists and the titans who spearheaded change and revolution.

But often, we forget or trivialize the faceless majority who believed in the idea, who accepted it and embraced it.The unknowns, the ordinary people whom we do not quite remember or hardly think about. It is they who nurture the ones who create greatness.

Now, more than ever, it is they who create the great and famous with each purchase, link, tag and click of the voting button. So this is just a scribble to their importance, to their significance.

And btw, pick me up at 8pm :)


You know me right? said...

No.. no i am not interested in philosophies anymore but...

"And btw, pick me up at 8pm :)"

Yeahhhhhhhh.. I know wht u gonna say if i gonna ask you out for a coffee by 8...

May be coffee's are not meant for us! :-p

Macadamia The Nut said...

Maybe I'm a selfish beeyach, but I believe that happiness begins with me. Had enough of those years trying to make everyone around me happy. SO as long as i'm happy with what I do - could be something as mundane as breaking an eggshell - i'm super content

Surya said...

MacD: I am the queen of all selfish females canines :) The post was not about trying to make others happy. The post was about how we have certain norms on what constitutes happiness.

For some, it is writing that great novel and climbing pyramids. For others, it is having a family and picking after soiled diapers. Neither is to be condemned, as long as they choose what they want to do. I hate intellectual snobbery ( eventhough I succumb to it at times) as much as neoconservatism.

Surya said...

'selfish female canines'

seesh. my spelling skill sucks.

namesconnie said...

Excellent. Loved reading that this early a.m.