Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 people I hate

This is a tag meme created by me to vent and to dissipate all that anger/frustration. The rules are simple - you just need to list 5 categories of people whom you hate and why.
Here is my list:
1. People who think only they know what is right:
Granted, your ways would be good for you, but there is a reason you are you and I am I. If I need advice, I will ask for it. And yes, you are boring too.
2. Anonymous / random dudes who think I know them:
Listen up losers, I dont know who you are and wont too, unless you identify yourself. A blogger with a legit blog profile and a public blog but with a nom-de-plume has identified her/himself for all practical purposes. You with your lameass name doesnt. And unless we were bosom buddies, it is just common courtusy ( and intelligence ) to assume that I would have forgotten about you. So, please.identify.yourself.
3. Irritating buggers who get a high by bullying me:
I know I am tiny. And yes, I know I have a lot of quirks. But guess what, I am not put on this world to provide you entertainment. So unless you ease off with your bullying, at some point I am going to break and shower you with invectives and seriously hurt you.
4. People who make fun of homosexuals.
Hey jerk, yes, I'm talking to you. Do you know that one of my closest friends is homosexual? And that I am friends with, and work with many of them?And that I respect those people, and is pretty much fond of them? Take your prejudices somewhere else, and dont bother me.
5. People who try to emotionally manipulate.
Hey wimp, I dont need you permission to do what I want to do. And what is that? Oh, it is whinny noises that you are making? Frankly my dear, I couldnt care a damn.
I tag:
MacD (sorry gal, I am food obsessed these days :)
Karram ( bugger, where is your blog? )
Sigh. Guess this tells you a bit about my state of mind right now. Work , inexplicably, goes on pretty much cool. And on a weekend, why should any person living in Finland think about work?


Macadamia The Nut said...

I was all set to weep.. but then when I saw the kind of tag you sent me I had to muck up one of my wickedest grins. :D

It's been raining incessantly and I'm in JUST the mood to vent some spleen ;)

usha said...

the emotionally manipulative lot! oh i so agree!

n hey, me got tagged! n know what, for the 1st time!

I've been consciously trying not to make hate-posts in my blog (though when I started blogging, I was treating my space more like a punchbag!) Guess it's high time I vented out some hatred in there! :) Thanks for tagging :)