Thursday, May 01, 2008

Home sweet home

I got a new place yesterday and I will be moving over there on May 15th. yay!

The relocation agency did not I found the link to this place in our company intranet ( with help from JS ) and fixed up a meeting with the owner. After one hour, we shook hands and decided to take the place.

Let me blow a raspberry now to the imbecile who told me to take an apartment which was way over my budget and was angry when I didn't.

Let me blow a bigger, nastier one to my landlady, who tells me one thing and the imbecile another and is yet to pay a part of my money back. I pay for insurance so that you get protected? Pbbbt!

And let me give a virtual hug to the girl who offered me her home to stay put till the drama is over, and who kept reminding me that the imbecile is, after all, supposed to take care of my needs, and is supposed to serve me. Guess who is going to be complained about?

And yes, there will be a house warming party with a very few chosen personal friends. We don't have too many bottles of French wine to pass around, people!


Macadamia The Nut said...

Awesome!! Moving is always fun - at least, for me it is. I think I'm a change-craver :|

But, AWEEome, in case you didn't notice the first time :D

Surya said...


Thanks girl!