Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy times

I feel happy. Actually, I feel happier.

So what caused it?


The viral campaign over the new batman movie, maybe? Love the fact that someone finally got it right. You can read about it here.

The sun. The sun is so bright that it is almost like a divine presence. May be this is a day when the gods walk the earth, at least in Finland

The top gear sound tracks. Edgy enough without loosing the happiness.

A walk, soon to be had, through my favorite walking route.

New friends.

A horde of books home, from the public libraries.

And two days of weekend.

What more do I want?


Prats said...

Check out the movie... Its really good... :-)

faust said...

Hey! like your blog. like what you write.

Anonymous said...

You're in Finland? I had no idea. For some reason I thought you were in the UK! How about that?

Sunshine makes such a difference, doesn't it? Here in Ottawa, we've had one of the rainiest summers I can remember, and I'm really resenting that we're not getting our quota of SUN, dammit!