Sunday, July 13, 2008


After one of my so called bouts of stupidity, I have decided to quit being a nice Indian girl, and live life a bit on the edge.

No, this does not mean bungee jumping - Im still afraid of falling.

This means that my inner Charlotte will be making way for Samantha. Ive been too mice, too naive, and now Im out to have my pound of fun and some more.

As a Charlotte, I was an incurable romantic, willing to put the other person before me, and thinking up excuses in my head for them.

As Samantha, I can be myself, kick men in the ass when they try to play me, and just have fun being myself.

And if and when I find some one really, really special, I might let Charlotte out a bit, now and then.


vivek sekar said...

Was this Charlotte or Samantha who wrote the post ? :)

vishesh said...

lol "be yourself" is the best i guess....came here through Paulo's blog :)

Surya said...

@ vivek: it was just me :)

@ visesh : its true - but which myself is the real myself? :)

Arun Srinivasan said...

Leaving aside the option, whether u let the Charlotte or Samantha IN or OUT... For the "And if and when I find some one really, really special," part - Gud Luk!

AJ said...

when were you EVER a nice indian girl?!!!!! :) and for the record I always had you pegged more as a Miranda than a Samanatha...ah well, here's wishing you more cities and more sex! ;)

Surya said...

@AS: thanks :-) and yes, its not a question of in or out :)

@AJ: well, then it was no Charlotte, only Miranda :) And appreciate the wishes :)