Saturday, August 30, 2008

Travels around the reality

I have been reading Terry Prachett's books on Discworld.

It has been some kind of an addiction.

Mr. Prachett was introduced to my by his writing partner Mr. Gaiman, whom I met accidentally in one of the public libraries in Finland where I was looking for Bruce or Clark to hang out with. He took me - actually, gave me a visa and a set of unimited open tickets - to Discworld.

And I have been dropping in, ever since. They are all flawed in one way or other, they behave uncannily like some people I know or some people I could become, and they are all fighters in their own way. They do not wimper ( may be except for Angua ) when they are down and out, they fight, and if all hope is lost, they go out in style ( Unity). They understand that doing the right thing does not necessarily mean doing the nice thing.

I had a short stop at Chicago, to meet Vilma and Roxie. After the musical, I have resolved to earn up and spend money on such experiences more. Them too, fighters. May be not as moral as Captain Carrot, but valiant fighters. I like them too.

Like Mr. Vims and the Black Ribboners, I too am taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. And I plan to channel my inner Esme, especially when it comes to matters of ridicule.


Vimal said...

Ohh... so thats where they hangout after saving the world. Should have known. Say hi to Invisible Girl if you find her there.

By the way, it's Velma :)

The Lonely Backpacker said...

Going out in style :)...


Invisible girl ?

Surya said...

@Vimal : cool :)