Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1001 stories - the first 10 is here.

If life was a little more colorful and a little less sane, I would have become a wandering story teller.

It is the perfect job for me. I listen and observe, and then ask the important question of 'what if?'. And I am adept in disguising the protagonists or making them a concoction of the many whom I have known. I would wander from small bar to small bar, regaling people with stories from far and wide, and then listening to them. Payment in bartenders indigenous mixes, food and hospitality along with money; for when given freely, even the best things are not valued or worse, remembered.

However, as I work in HR, the most I can do now is to blog now, and occasionally tell stories to friends whom I talk to. Most of the times, laziness stops the stories being posted to the blog. However, I have quite a few to tell, and they have been asking to be let out.

So here's the deal. I will post some words i happened to hear, each from real life, that had stuck with me in the past few weeks. You tell me about which ones you want to know more. And I will write a story on demand, inspired from the life behind those words.

'You dont answer a question, you provide a message.'

'That's so easy, so Im choosing the difficult option.'

'Why does there have to be something involved?'

'We change. But its upto us on how we change.'

'Boredom leads to suboptimal choices.'

'You did not know I was unhappy?'

'Life teaches in its own way.'

'This is not nice to me.'

'There is no pressure.'

'Let's make babies'

So tell me, which of these do you want to feel more about?


Anonymous said...

"Let's make babies". Sounds like a spicy story.

AJ said...

"This is not nice to me" gets my vote..

Surya said...

sure guys :) I ccp this blog in my rediffiland page, and also got requests for the following:

We change. But its upto us on how we change.'

You did not know I was unhappy?'

So four stories altogether. And to tie them together is the preface... :)

keep watching this space :-)

Renegade in Retirement said...

Why does there have to be something involved?

deepdowne said...

interesting post indeed!
my choice is either 'Let's make babies' or 'Life teaches in its own way.' :P thanks

usha said...

I would like to read stories on

'Boredom leads to suboptimal choices.'

'You did not know I was unhappy?'

I liked them both more! :)

The Lonely Backpacker said...


(only "you" can ever write a post something like this ...) ...
I just enjoyed it...
The same way I enjoyed the best part of my life.... (calcutta, unreserved trains, xavier hostel at Bombay, Juhu , Europe and aftermath... ) ... so beautiful that cant be matched by anyone's words except your posts...

I will prefer if this comment does not appear :).. its just too personal..