Saturday, December 20, 2008

For the next year....

Its that time of the year when people start making lists. Christmas lists, New year resolutions... the like. Being a Hindu means I never celebrated the gift giving tradition in Christmas. I of course will be giving some of my friends some gifts when I visit them, but that would have happened even in the middle of the perfectly ordinary day. Like the Mad Hatter, I believe in celebrating Not a Birth Days.

So, for the next year...

1. I want to run - more often, for more time. But it is January, in Finland. However, we have an office gym open 7 days a week and I have friends who frequent the same regularly. So I will be there come next year, to do some Indian bonding and to run a bit.

2. I want to give away stuff - more regularly, more methodically. I do have more clothes and accessories than I need, and I end up wearing the same stuff most of the times. I had already given away around five bags full of clothes, but I want to take a look at other things too, that may find better homes with someone else.

3. I want to jive - by myself or with friends, to head thumping music. I have friends who love rock to jazz to even heavy metal. And I must go for concerts with them, and when they are busy, I should go alone.

4. I want to travel - there are friends across Europe, who would be happy to have me visit them for a few days. There are places, about which I have only read about but always wanted to go. And there are places where I want to go again; to experience what I missed last time, and to relive amazing experiences. With others, alone - it does not matter.

5. I will invite more friends home - and will have pizza parties to traditional Indian meals. I love cooking for others, but my home always seems to be a mess. I just need to clean up the place first. But the first invites go out in January.

And when I get used to this five, I will replace them with more activities.

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The Lonely Backpacker said...

I just want to buy a dog..
(pref.. an Indian variant)

Not sure whether its possible with my current job..