Monday, December 22, 2008

Movies.. this year...

First, I wanted to make a list of movies which I liked. But then, life is defined by moments of love and hate and 'what the heck were they thinking?. So, here are my movie moments from 2008:

The movie which redeemed my faith in Superhero genre after the traumatic experience of watching Spiderman cry:

The movie the then came along and kicked the ass of the above movie so much that I did not miss the show even after falling from an escalator ( its very very difficult to walk up an escalator going down). And it was my second viewing.

The movie which betrayed me:

Edward Norton, I love you. But I did not go to this movie to watch you play a brilliant scientist with a sad, sad story left to tell. I went to watch HULK smash things and people, not to see you play the tortured soul. For that, I would have watched Pride and Glory or Painted Veil. Stick to indie movies, please. And next time, please do some comedy - you are only going to be 40 man, its not the end of your life!

The song which can put me in a peppy mood even on a rainy and cold day:

The song which goes best with red wine:

The movie which I can watch again and again :

Movies yet to watch:

A Wednesday
Cadillac Records
Gran Torino
Marley & Me
Mumbai Meri Jaan
Slumdog Millionaire
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Wrestler
Transporter Three
Yes Man

But the one movie which I really, really want to watch, is this :


And finally, the movie which made me re-like Brad Pitt & George Clooney:

The allure of Brad Pitt was somewhat lessened after me became Ms. Joilie's wife. Ooops, sorry, my bad, partner. Clooney was fast becoming a male Paris Hilton - always being photographed, being with different and younger women who look like clones of each other. However, this one movie made me remember that those two men are pretty good actors.

That's about today. Do sugggest any good movies that I might have missed. And oh, not considering the OST of Slumdog here because man, its a class apart.


Vimal said...

I was almost sure that I would see Pineapple Express in that list.

It's better than Tropic Thunder.

Surya said...

I did like Pineapple Express - esp James Franco - but Tropic Thunder was hilarious. Also, TT & Dark Knight has two of the best online marketing campaigns of the year.

ursjina said...

DK DK DK..all the way DK

I also kinda liked eagle eye..

And wanna watch Valkyries and Doubt

The Lonely Backpacker said...

"Days of Glory" should definitely be in this list..

haven't seen a good Tam-malayalam movie in the past 10 months ...

Rohit Nair said...

You should check out Hellboy 2 if you are a Superhero fan. The movie has some hilarious scenes. And you seem to have ignored the animation genre. Wall-E was as good a movie as it gets, and Kung Fu Panda was a laugh riot.