Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 : what it taught me

Its that time of the year when laziness and a start of a new year prompts one to make lists.

Now, these are not exclusively my words of wisdom. They were given to me by different people at different times. Some were said. Some were shown. Some were demonstrated. And all of them worked for me.

So without much ado, lets take a look at life's little lessons, as demonstrated by these moments of clarity and obscured by my interpretation

At work, often the best feedback is spontaneous.

Do not believe in everything you hear. Or see. Always look for the season summary than that one scene shot to know the story.

Believe in yourself.

99.99% of times, when you expect something bad to happen, it wont. Bad things happen when the sun is up and your surroundings resemble a beautiful Disney forest in spring.

No one knows everything. Everyone knows something. The trick is in figuring out who knows what and which of them applies to you.

Just because someone goes on and on and on about something, it does not mean that it is actually true. And often, a persons understanding of self is innately flawed.

You can always walk away from toxic or boring conversations and relationships. You do not owe it to anyone to listen to it all.

All of us will excel in at least one thing in the world. The trick is to find that one position which is the best for you.

It always helps to ask. You don't know everything.

Never expect to do all your work by yourself. And never expect to do only your work and not of others.

Learn to say no.

Just because someone ask you a question, you need not necessarily answer them.

You cannot make everyone happy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Like the opening lines of a joke....

A Finn, an American, A Russian, an Estonian, a Bangladeshi, a Swede, a Romanian, an Iranian and a few Indians walked into a bar on Friday. Actually it was the American's idea, but what started as a friendly, after salsa class discussion turned into two consecutive night-outs with living it up in Helsinki.

Notes from the parties:

Friday night saw one of the chiccas hopping on to the sound box and the window stills and shaking whatever she got. Doing this with utmost dedication with another chick from a nearby country and entertaining both the crowd inside and the men outside but facing the glass windows, she then proceeded to get drunk. The Indian men, seeing this probably for the first time, reacted in different ways - the unmarried, younger to me one was scandalized, the married with a kid one promptly followed suit and shook his bum at the onlookers outside the window, who hastily retreated.

Both the kids who are barely legal promptly fell for oldies in the group. The youngest chicca was living it up with the oldest man, and the boychick had the hots for a muccho hotter elder lady and was also eyeing another elder babe in the group. But the elder babe was apparently channeling her inner Samantha Jones and was happily giving 'may be I think you are cute.. may be' looks to many local boys. Many blushed, tried to cut her away from us friends and was cruelly rebuffed. But one guy had more guts - he joined the group, first making small chat with the guys in the gang. The lady asked him to get on top of the sound box and dance. This happened much earlier at the party, with people just getting into the groove. To his credit, he jumped onto the five feet tall box, grooved to the music like he made it. To her credit, when he jumped down, she danced with him and led him away for a chat. fifteen minutes later, we find her on a dinner booth, deep in conversation with the guy. She give him her phone number, ask him to give her a call, and coming back, continues shaking her booty. Boychick ignores her for the rest of the night.

Now this is late night / early morning depending on your POV, but I just have to type this out. I know that if I wait till morning, I am going to end up playing online games and/or read up blogs - and as usual, as soon as I reach the current dates, I will link them here.. I am meeting a lot of interesting people, and would like to talk about what they think/do than who they are - I have got my eye on a few....

And about tonight, will blog tomorrow...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NSFW copied with laziness

I usually copy from here to my office blog ( lazy, I know) but I have been on a no blog mood all along this year. So before this blog dies, let me be shameless and copy from my office blog and paste here:

If we take the term NSFW and turn it around, here are some things which severely limited my capability to be productive during my free time last year. They are extremely addictive, and not safe not just for work, but for any activity which does not involve sitting in front of an internet access point. They hypnotize you into clicking over and over without even once getting up and looking at the real world. I have intentionally not linked to any of them here as I don't want to be responsible for your life being spent on them.


Extremely potent. What starts as a harmless click hypnotizes you into mindless hours browsing pictures of bored looking and extremely fat cats wearing bright items of clothing.


Very similar to LOLCats - except that these are dogs - and they look adorable and more stupid in their tutus.


The humor varies - from cartoons on engineers to angels to more engineers and robots, its all out there. Most of them are to be read from the beginning, and spans over many years, not unlike an Indian prime time soap ( but on a much smaller scale).

Facebook vampires:

I have no idea why I wanted to spend time spamming my friends ( yes, I admit it, I spamed you, and I am sorry! )so that a website will rate me better. And to think I laughed at the voters for Indian Idol...

Online games:

Not of the age of empires variety. This is more of the chess, tetris and pacman variety. I had spent better part of my holidays sitting home and playing online.

British humor sites:

These are not the click here for a joke sites. They specialize in irony; and have umpteen photoshop contests which ask you to create spoof ads, spoof fairytale book covers.... well spoof everything. And there are sites which take photoshoping to an art form.I have given up lolcats and loldogs and am abstaining from online games. I uninstalled facebook vampires and pretty much all applications which I found addictive - and which involved spamming.

I still go to spoof sites and webcomics once in two weeks. I am now into reading blogs - from that of teachers to doctors to HR professionals to marketers to lawyers - and I guess some months down the line, I will have to go to my delicious page and untag all of them.

But till then, I browse.

And yes, I know the title was very misleading. :-)

Whew! And thus begins 2008. Hopefully I will be more regular. Hey, I said hopefully!