Sunday, April 12, 2009

New resolutions for spring

So looking back at my To Do lists for the year, here are the status updates. The first one is a list from last year, for this one, and the second one was done sometime in early January this year and scribbled out on a piece of paper.

1.I want to run - started off well, but being sick put frequent dampeners on it. Planning to resume from when the temperature hits 10 degrees or when I work out of office.

2. I want to give away stuff - Success, it has become more of a habit now.

3. I want to jive - doing that, loving that. Dancing makes me drink less as I get my high just from music and hydration from tap water.

4. I will invite more friends home - success, I was requested for invites and requests were made of specific foods. Having one this Sunday, may have another this Saturday.

The paper list:

5. Climb the Parliament steps : did that in the middle of the night and during day time. Night view was much better.

6.Go to a rock festival : Got the tickets, it is in June

7.Go to Greece/Tuscany/Paris/Venice : Not yet. Still searching Expedia for good deals.

8. Write regularly: It has been happening. Averaging about 150 words a day without writers block. Mixing up old stories and making up new ones rather nicely.

9. Give everything to a friendship or relationship without any expectations and see what happens: It was an interesting experience. Got a lot of material for #4.

10. Go on a trip alone: It is something of an annual ritual for me. Not sure where to go this time.

11. Go to a bar alone: I am grateful that I have been unable to do this so far ( big thanks to all those lovely people who have been giving me company). Guess I will cross the road and go to the neighborhood bar one of these days. Or may be to the jazz bar.

12. Make Sushi: Will do, as soon as my Indian meal experiments will end. And planning to experiment on the Indians this time :)

Which brings me to the new list. Assigning one event for a month, including April, I should have a total of nine things in my to start list. And here they are:

  1. Run at least 3 hours a week.
  2. Go to Greece/Tuscany/Paris/Venice
  3. Go on a trip alone
  4. Go to a bar alone
  5. Make Sushi
  6. Play more board games
  7. Take up a new hobby which will exercise my body
  8. Go to Srilanka/Nepal/HongKong
  9. Go trekking/hiking
PS: And I already have two more added to my paper list. Lets check back in three months as to what all have been done.


ursjina said...

Btw I wanna read the stories....

Surya said...

Jina, will add you as a reader in the google doc.

comments, especially on readability, spelling and grammar will be appreciated. :)