Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Calm and Sunshine...

Some days back, I was searching for a friend with the same spelling as yours.

You came to the screen, along with him. I send him the message that I wanted to send.

And for one last time, I decided to send you a message.

Without ego. Without hiding my anger. Or frustration. Of feeling stupid about the time I was not really in my best behavior. About the fact that I regretted that I said what I said and did what I did. Without glossing over that fact that you do mean something to me. Without forgetting the fact that I too, mean something to you. Remembering the good time we had. Doing a little bit of emotional blackmail in the process. Reminding you our deep friendship.

The next day you email me as if nothing has happened, asking for my mobile number. Three years since you talked to me; even though I had dropped seemingly offhand messages in your web page. You chose to ignore them. You too are an egotist.

I don't know when you are going to call me - probably in another two-three weeks? But I am happy that we have started talking again. After three years, what is two or three weeks between friends?

You brought out the most unselfish side of me out. You taught me to care for another person without caring about myself. You taught me about controlling my temper, overlooking faults. You also taught me about not losing my identity. You believed that I would do an MBA from a half decent business school - something a girl from a small town engineering college did not really believe in. I know that you have more faith in me than I have in myself.

Although the past years, our common friends have talked to me about you in an offhand way. They who knew how deep our friendship was. Each time, I did not talk more about it. To think that I could have met you when you were in this country... but no, my ego demanded to be fed.

I missed you my friend. I missed our esosteric discussions. I miss our intellectual duels on all the hazy subjects in the world. I miss getting mad at your deliberately scathing comments about women and all capitalistic endeavours. I miss getting worried over you, and fighting with other for you.

I am greatly looking forward to pull your leg about the fact that you are working in USA. Ha! Touche!!!

As I had told you, I have changed. Hair and clothes became shorter. Developed a taste for alcohol and bratty behaviour. Stopped thinking in our mother tongue -now I dream in English. Stopped being scandalized on seeing people have a beer and started enjoying single malts & t.

I wish I could meet up with you and swap stories over a drink or two. But for now, I am glad that we are starting chapter II of our idiosyncratic friendship.


Anonymous said...


~ from otherside

Nabzz said...

hey hey!
m not lazy nymore. throw me onto the alive n kickin side :D

but more importantly, howdy? wen u goin to phoren lands?

mathew said...

hehehehe..are u talkin to youself over a beer..

Prats said...


Dunno about whom are you talking about. All I will say is That its never too late to start all over again for people who really matter. Best of luck, for the rejuvenated old friendship....

robert swayze said...

Its never too late buddy if u start hunting for it...u have to get it straight...coz we all live in such a world where asking for something doesnt work really...goodluck with ur mission :)

Gautam Ghosh said...

something similar happened to me

chapter II is so much better than chapter I somehow...

people change, people grow, and sometimes it doesn't feel like different chapters anymore

iamvisheshur said...

first time dropping by(thanks to visitor)..
i liked the prayer on the sidebar(infact got inspired to write )..

the things which we do...not what we dream of sometimes..but..never to regret whats there to regret got that it a true life story??interesting...(if it isn't you are a great writer...)


Anonymous said...


found this blog by accident !!

tremendous read.
will be visiting this place more often