Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My name...

... It defines to an extent what I am.

Mercurial temper at times

Happy and cheerful

Keeps people at a distance - but at the same time warm, giving...

Unique - in whichever way one choose to interpret it

Morbid aversion to cold

A feeling of 'can stand alone' no matter what

Uncomfortable in being vulnerable with others

Do I define my name or did my name define me?


raven said...

my first name = my middle name = my last name = your name.


i = 4 x you


i is 4 times all this than you ... both good as well as the bad :D

Anonymous said...

u defined ur name...


ursjina said...


now adi dont borrow brilliant ideas..make some on ur own na plzzz...:P

Prats said...

U forgot to mention, it doubles up as a guys name....Remember

"PS: And FYI, I am a woman and proud of it! [ despite my maleish name ]"

Quicksilver said...

my name ,your name same meaning :) :) :)