Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mumble Mumble Mumble... ( things which I really want to tell to certain people - but I dont)

To Book Thief: Give my books back. Now, this moment. All three of them. Don't even tell me your stupid jokes again. No way. Don't ever bloody tell me how nice it would be for me to go to Timbuktu, or get married to a Surd. As you very nicely pointed out, it's my problem; and this is how I deal with it. I am going to be transactional. And I will pay you for every little favour that I ask of you - in cash whenever possible, and in kind. Shoo! And yeah, minimalistic in my approach to you!

But gimme my books back! Else be prepared to get the skin on your arms peeled off. Now I know how you got those marks. Tiger attack, my foot!!

To Tai: Stop getting worried about me and doing regular checks on me. I am grumpy, I feel really stupid, but I will get through. This too, shall pass. And I am not a drunkard! And stop posting post modernistic stuff on your blog - heavy on symbolism like war paint on a punk themed party - difficult for me to understand.. hehehe.. :)


To Cat:
You go girl! I envy you - you just walked - or rather flew - to your dreams while I became too much of a chicken to do anything with my life.

Keep in touch or else! Awww... wont you keep in touch babe?

To Bastard: Take care! And ask her out. C'mmon, do it faaast!

To Ani:
Gal, I love you... I love you... I love you....

To Boi:
Yo, what are you gonna get me from Finland? Where is my book? My travel bag? And the phone calls pending from you??

To all my friends in love:
May your happiness and understanding with each other increase... may you learn to love each other despite the faults in each other... may you see each other with warts and all and still think of each other as beautiful... ( also goes out to my ex-guys who are happy with their current women)

And if you cheat on the other, may your heart get broken into a million little pieceswith as much pain as possible in return. ( And watch it, my curses actually work! )

For others like me who feel sidelined and unloved on Valentine's Day: Booooo Hooo.... :((( Hooooowl...... :(((( Sob Sob Sob.....


Have a nice tomorrow everyone!


Anonymous said...

im worried for bastard now :).. dont tell him to ask someone out..
when u tell someone to ask someone out, it doesnt work...:) believe me.. it fails.. I guess u bring bad luck :))))..just kiddin gal


The Visitor said...

Aw Zu. C'mon girl cheer up and wait for a surprise on Valentine's day. :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Hey Surya Lot of people feel sidelined and unloved on Valentine's Day. Actually they need the help of St:Valentine , not the people in love .Booooo Hooo.... :((( Hooooowl...... :(((( Sob Sob Sob..... :-) Have a nice tomorrow !

Zu said...

@ Tai: FO, Fk Face!!! :D

@ Visitor : This is soo not my day babe :)

@ NC: yeah bro! boohoohoo... sob sob... :))

Anonymous said...

Got those books back yet?