Sunday, June 22, 2008


Tagged by Usha... feel free to think about this...

Caveat: I will not mention about - well, if you know it; i dont have to say it here; if you dont, you dont have to know it.

I am:

I think: mostly logically; and allow impulse to take over the reins once in a while...

I know: things aint that important... :) well, except for a few things anyway...

I want: to soak up the sun in a cotton dress, which doesnt seem to happen in Finland :(

I have: great friends

I wish: for a bunch of roses with heady fragrance.... cant pick them from the parks here... and the ones in flowershops doesnt smell... :(

I hate: people taking me for granted

I miss: monsoon and mallu food...

I fear: falling from great heights. Most of my nightmares are around that.

I feel: peaceful

I hear: wind

I smell: hot tea and my basil plant

I crave: for hot tapioca with grounded green chilli & small onions, with a bit of oil n mustard powder

I search: at the drop of a hat

I wonder: how it would be in California ( well, will mention it just once!)

I regret: wasting my time on duffers.

Though I wouldn't really like to acknowledge it, and convince myself that I shouldn't really regret.. For all those actions shaped me into this person that I am proud of. ( copied this from Usha)

I love: good blogs, dogs and kitties, humor ans sarcasm where it is deserved.

I ache: naah, im good.

I care: more than I show.

I am not: perfect.

I believe: I believe. Period.

I dance: when Im comfortable with my surroundings.

I sing: when Im happy.

I cry: when I feel frustrated.

I don’t always: act the same way.

I fight: for my loved ones.

I write: when I feel like it.

I win: Signed out of the win-lose games long ago.

I lose: See above.

I never: believe in absolutes.

I always: see above.

I confuse: a lot of things.

I listen: a lot of things.

I can usually be found:at work or at home; when Im not at other places.

I am scared: of losing my chances and living to regret it.

I need: faith - in myself, in you, in the world.

I am happy about: the fact that I can be happy, and my happiness depends on me.


usha said...

'I crave: for hot tapioca with grounded green chilli & small onions, with a bit of oil n mustard powder'

-ah, how I miss that combi. It reminds me of my college hostel days, somehow.

Thanks for taking up the tag, girl!! :)

The Lonely Backpacker said...

nice tag..

I hope you get your california sunshine....