Saturday, June 14, 2008

Movies; Moments

R for a Racer called Speed

Psychedelic fantasy; pure escape for the length of the movie. The races were awesome, I should get the videogame version for my cousins next time I go home. Didn't like Xtina Ricci though. She acted as if she knew it was a comic adaptation. Susan Sandron didn't. And absolutely loved Matthew Fox with hair on his head. He looked way hotter then in Lost.

C for City with the Sex:

A long winded avatar of a favorite serial; some breasts and a penis on screen; the largest collection of women I have ever seen in this city. Was it just me or did they all look and sound a bit paler? Why did Carrie have to marry Mr. Big? And what with all the war references? Took a bullet? Is she delusional? ( the character, not the actress.)

H for Hulk, that Incredible guy:

My heart breaks into pieces when I call this one boring trip. I was playing Sudoku on my E90 half the time. How come I didnt like a movie with Edward Norton and have comic book heroes - two parameters which make me love movies? Because here they wanted to be artsy, and comic booky. The focus was on Ed Norton, and not on Hulk. And the movie was dragging for a comic book adaptation and jerky for a story about a man's struggle for freedom. It reminded me of a moral science text book that I had to learn by rot when I was a kid. The only redeeming moment was Tony Stark, and Ed Norton's blue, blue eyes.

F for Forbidden Kingdom

I used to read the Monkey series of Chinese mythology as a kid. My favorite place was up the staircase, away from the bustle of home, looking up at the mezzanine, whose window ledge lined with money plants were my sanctuary. I still can take myself there by closing my eyes. And I can also see the illustrations on the book, the Monkey King resplendent in flowing robes, the Jade Warlord nothing more than a snarling entity.The movie tackified him - and I need to buy that Monkey King series now for my library, as an atonement for watching this C grade kung fu movie and actually laughing at it.

K for Kung Fu Panda

Funny the first time, bit boring the second. Flashes of brilliance in some scenes; why didnt they adopt the Samurai Jack style of animation? Kung Fu Hustle has nothing to fear from this one as my favorite kungmedy movie.

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