Saturday, June 14, 2008

There is magik in the world

I am going to say this only once. I dont want to say more than what I want to. Someday you might get to hear the whole story, with a bit of luck. May be you wont. But this is not about how the story ends. This is about what the story proves.

Miracles exist. Magik exist. And if you wait your turn, while not too worried about whats going to happen, and really and truly let go and enjoy the here and now, and did not compromise by taking up what you know you wont enjoy just to have something; it will come knocking on to your door, without notice, without hurry or delay. And it will be exactly what you want and need, and what you then decided was too good to exist and forgot with a regretful shrug.

And when it does, the only thing to be done is to go with the flow, and murmur a prayer in thanks to whoever delivered it.

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Jade said...

I feel happy for you. All the best!