Sunday, June 29, 2008

Laugh laugh laugh

After removing a drunken post from my other blog - nope, you dont know where it is. And if you ask nicely, you may get it. Actually, mostly you wont unless our only connection is via the blogs - and where were we?

Yup; after removing a drunken post from my blog - oh, c'mmon extended family and old friends, stop being so shocked - i was depressed. Then I ended up in this blog, where the author had posted a hilarious video.

That really did not tickle my funny bone, so I googled a few of my favorites and sent them to him. And at the end of all the watching, I was laughing. Again. Awesome!

What is a better tag than one where you ask readers to post five videos that crack you up anytime you see them?

These are mine:

5. The younger brother of Ticktickticktick... :)

4. Jolene, Jolene, Jolen Joleeeene.....

3. Eeeeeeeeeeef you come todaaaaaaay....

2.Shut your F.... :)

1. Welllllllllllll......

Thats me. Always a sucker for bathroom humor. Its a good thing I dont have any kids with this sense of humor. What good mom will laugh at these?

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DD said...

S Park absolutely rocks :) These are two of my fav S Park videos too :)