Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tagging time!

There is no better time to blog than when you are sick. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, I hope I can sleep off the sickness by then. Else it is going to be a hell of a day which is going to end in an office dinner. Not going is not an option. There is an inhouse doctor, and chances are I hve better chances of survival if I collapse in the office than if I stay at home. Our company have a emergency helpline number to call in case of personal need, but who is going to dial the number when I am sick? My plants?

So, here we go with the tags. as MacD said, I am the source of all things taggy.

Share with us five things which made you feel special very recently. End each incident with 'I felt special'.

And here I go:
5. Today when I was walking, a labrador came upto me to be petted. This when both her owners were with her. I felt special.

4. I got a spontaneous 'thank you' from a colleague who is way more senior wrt age, position and experience. In public. In front of my manager. And said that it was the opinion of the whole team. I am the junior most member there. I felt special.

3. My girls from engineering talked to me today. Via Gtalk. Via Gmail. I felt special.

2. Last friday, someone whom I have just recently known got me couple of pictures of something I wanted to see. I was not expecting it. I felt special.

1. One the bus, a handsome dude of five years was staring at me. When I smiled at him, he blushed and smiled back. I felt special :-)

And then I had to fall sick... :(

And I tag:


and the rest of you who feel like bragging a bit on how special you feel, join in! :)


usha said...

hey!! get well soon, girl!
and do take care!

and btw ma'm.. you are tagged! :) for a change..

Macadamia The Nut said...

:O :O
Can I pretend I didn't see this one?

Hope you're feeling better now