Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Characters I love..

Miss Marple: I don't mind being her...

Because she makes being a spinster ( a realistic choice which I am evaluating ) look cool.
Because she sees things and understands them.
Because I wish I had an aunt like her.

Hercule Poirot: If I were a man, I would rather be this one..

Because he is very smart.
Because he is very vain.
Because he irritates people! ( i too love to do that )

Eric Cartman: My badasss side!

Because he can curse like anything.
Because he like revenge - so do I.
Because he taught you how to be selfish.

Pheobe: What I would love to be- for my friends

Because she is optimistic.
Because she believes.
Because she is street smart.
Because nothing can pull her down.
Because she is so unselfish towards her friends.

Feluda: The man on whom I have a crush on...

Because he is tall.
Because he is intelligent.
Because he cares for Tapesh, even if he acts otherwise.

Samantha Jones : What I wish I would be- to myself

Because she showed how women can have a good time.
Because she acted like a man in her relationships.
Because she was sexy.
Because she was fiercely protective of herself - and her friends.
Because she acted on the advice of her heart - and her brain.

NB: Off on long journeys.. will have breaks on blogging... Happy Xmas everyone... lemme see if I will get a socket to plug me laptop in and write!

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