Thursday, November 09, 2006

Prayer to Catbert

Oh Lord almighty Catbert, evil and HR incarnate, help me to manipulate my line humans
When they come to me and complain, let me always be able to deflect the blame onto other lesser mortals

Let me be able to get the better of mediocre services provided by vendors common to all employees by saying "I am from HR" in an ominous voice

Let me be assigned to the hardworking teams, so that I too will get the glory when they do some work, and will not be affected when those morons fail

Let me be reaping the rewards, and never have to sit for any appraisals ( except to kill them slowly)



lakshmi said...

been here seen this :)
..hadn't occured to me that you've now crossed over(to the purportedly evil side, and may you do a good job of it :D)..hmm.

Vimal said...


Please don't make her join my company. :)

oona said...

its genious:)
have fun and do not change :)