Thursday, November 16, 2006

Daily brushes with death

I narrowly missed being killed yesterday.

Actually, this was the first sentence that came to my head the moment after my escape. No thank you Gods. No I want to call my parents. Not even a scream, not a flicker in the eye to indicate that I just escaped from death.

Neither did the five strangers with me give it a thought. I was perched on the side of the front seat, sharing it with the auto driver and another passenger. He was going pretty fast and braked suddenly, and I who was in the process of trying to get a better grip on my belongings and the auto was suddenly thrown out down to the wheels of a speeding bus.

Not quite. My reflexes saved me, and by some miracle, I managed to hold on to my bags.
And this was nothing to go hoo-ha about. Hundreds of people travel the way I did everyday in Kolkata. It is faster than a cycle rickshaw, cheaper than a cab and more comfortable than boarding a bus.

TV channels thrive on thrills and adventures. They delight in titillating our pituitary glands with action packed movies ( where almost all stunts are performed by body doubles and always under controlled conditions ) and reality game shows ( where a fully equipped medical team stays just out of the camera frame to come to your rescue - except when you get hyper and go and harass a stingray.

But in real life, millions of people take a risk with their life, where no cameras are involved. The young women who walk home through dark neighborhoods, the servant girls with rapidly blooming bosoms and torn clothes are never featured in any show and the threats to their bodies never highlighted. The middle aged women wearing a saree ( as their families expect them to) with reflexes worn down by age and fatigue, perched on a square inch of space which can barely accommodate their well endowed bodies...

When life calls out to us, we are too busy to pry our eyes off from the various monitors and look at her.

PS: Dcruz, it will take me sometime to do full justice to your tag.. but write I will.. about my childhood.


Sandeep Sadanandan | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

// want some advice?
else // means yes.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sandeep ( and everyone else who is keen to advice me into a better life.

If I Need Advice, I Will State So In My Blogpost.

Next time, if anyone feel like advicing please to be f*****g off.

Thanks & Regards,

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


thanks a lot for telling/advising me what to do when it feels like advising.

LOL :)

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