Monday, November 06, 2006


Yes, this is a definite southpark hangover.

Some basic guidelines I would follow here:

Blog every 3rd day. My life is not that boring to not blog, and it is not that exciting to blog daily.

Be irreverent. I take things too seriously, giving myself cardiac arrests over the floatsam and jetsam of life.

Be cruel. If I am not cruel to others, I often end up being cruel to myself. There is not enough me for myself and the whole world.


karthik said...

phoenix ??

Anonymous said...

Liked this post.There is very less of us if we are asked to give whatever our nearest asks.Hence u have to be cruel to many seekers.And I share the struggle to practice it.And find myself at the other end, ending up cruel to myself by trying to give give and give without leaving scope even for a phoenix.