Friday, November 24, 2006

The parcel

Once upon a time there was a girl who believed in travelling life with less luggage. She decided to dump all the baggage on the way - well, as much as she can - and walk on.
As a result, she gave away many things - things whose presence in her life reminded her of the heartbreaks she had experienced long past. She gave away the various stuffed toys, many books, changed hair styles, ideologies, friends, friendships - all to wipe out the sadness and move on.
She concluded that no man is worth crying over, or waiting for. He interactions with men became more like a dispassionate business investment - when it was risky, she withdrew her investments with minimum risk.
So when she was brought to grief by his words - even though she was acting like a prick and he was driven to his wits end - she decided to cut the chords.
However, there were logistical issues. Some of the books she took away from him were at her home. And she did need his jacket. Let me digress here and state that she used to fleece off things from him at the drop off a hat - from a joint to a long jacket with no conscience pangs.
"That is my only jacket" He had said when she wanted it.
"So?" She asked him.
He sighed. "I don't have anything else!"
"But I want it! Give it to me!" It was nothing less of an order, and he gave it to her.
A friend witnessing the entire scene decided to cash on the event.
"Dude, give something to me too!"
He was met with two pairs of angry eyes and was promptly rewarded with a pile of dusty text books.
She still had the jacket with her, and used it like a safety blanket. However, like a bitchy wife getting a divorce and baying over her husbands property, she decided not to part with it.
Instead she brought him a shirt - A nice one, I should admit, and threw in a watch that was gifted to her by someone; a watch she did not care for much.
" Now I am even." She sighed maliciously, and promptly sent off everything to him. Ever the master surgeon in cutting off relationships, she called him to inform him that a parcel is on its way - and once it reaches its destination, there would be no more him as far as she is concerned.
However, the parcel got lost in the floods. They talked through the tempestuous periods, about the parcel, that lost package the only link in keeping them in each others life. Slowly, the winds cleared. They started talking again, sharing again.
The parcel was never mentioned - except in her offbeat prayers, where she thanked the rains for flooding it away.


Anonymous said...

it looks like my own story(real life) .... many similarities.. but the climax is different in mine
if the story is urs, Im so happy for u ( best thing in everyone's life)
-- "nothing gives me more joy"
( cant reveal my exact name as ur blog will be read by lot of guys)

AJ said...

:) its so lovely to read fiction that doesnt differentiate itself from real life...and when you walk away wondering if it happened to the author, or the author happened to it ... lovely.

lakshmi said...

beautiful dee..yet again :)

Sandeep Sadanandan | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

very nice one :)


Anil said...

You r a precious diamond, lost in a mountain of dirt. Do keep blogging, coz wat u write, you write on OUR hearts.


Machine Maniac said...

Its nice storey...

Arun Jose said...

Nice one, Surya... Keep writing!!!